Loft conversions and brick built extensions are my prefered work, kitchens & bathrooms, i would prefer the customer to supply. i can get the materials for the customer but they would be expected to pay for them on arrival. By doing it this way i can cut my turnover down, yes VAT will be paid on the materials at the time.

I can do anything! if its possible. i like doing the unusual things, like some you will see on my site.

I don't contract people in to do work that i can do. I have plumber, electrician, felt roofer, scaffolder all which would be working for you the customer, who would be paid by you. I don't act as a middle man and take a cut of the money. I work with the lads and hopefully everything runs smoothly and with no problems.

You can use you own men and again i will work with them, you can labour yourself and save money, do plumbing or electrical  work if you are capable. If you are really handy, i can do the minimum, like the structure, complete the outside, you potter about inside, insulating, plasterboarding...whatever! I will then come back and plaster skim it smooth, THERE! job done! So i am very flexable and able to show you how to do it too.

Soon you will be able to see your extension or loft conversion in 3D on your tv before its built.  Keep checking this site