Boathouse on Lake Windermere

Well Hello again!
This was an interesting project i did a few years ago now. We converted what looked like a garage on the banks of Lake Windermere, i suppose it was, for a boat though. It was concrete block built with a timber truss type roof, with double doors at the front. There was a jetty inside down one side which ran out into the lake about 30M or so. There was a single back solid door with steps inside at the back to get down to the jetty. It was just one big open space to park a large motor boat in. We changed all that. this is what it looked like before we started on it, as i say, just a shed really!

The pictures arn't great also a little on the small side

This is the view of the front, i am stood at the end of the jetty on the lake.
Boat house, before we restored it
Here is the finished project, complete with balcony looking out across the lake.
Boat house after the renovation
Here are a few more picture we took during the conversion

This one is inside before we started
Inside boathouse before we started                                 
This is better view of inside, before we put the floor in, looking at the old double doors at the front
The boathouse from the back wall
Well all the joists are in and the floor is being installed, see the bottom of the big truss holding the roof up
The floor being installed

This is after the floor and ceiling were installed, see the jetty at the side. I assure you that water was cold, lost 2 tape measures and a hammer on that job.
Another from underneath from the lakeside jetty     Underneath the boathouse after the floor and ceiling was finished
These are of the room we created, complete with shower room and open plan kitchen area. what a fantastic retreat
Another view with the Velux roof window and front view looking onto the lak     Another view with the Velux roof window and shower room    The room converted in the boathouse, with veiws overlooking Lake Windermere   
We had to have mains electric and water fitted, also a pump was fitter to accomodate the waste to the main drain which was at the top of the hill, roadside. Was just like doing a loft conversion except when you dropped your tools, you had to fish them out